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Our Industry Expertise

Solution engineering

Your enterprise can take full advantage of our services with our fast, innovative, and solution-oriented work.

Project management

We master big projects. Guiding teams towards the right goal, keeping track of time and money, as well as coordinating all project participants is key to creating the best outcome.

Solution architecture

We deliver cutting edge solutions for the digital world of tomorrow by accelerating innovation and energizing markets. We consolidate a business vision, technical details and pragmatic project-level thinking to deliver a solution that really works for your needs. Our technological architectures provide the highest level of security and performance.

Software development

We set new standards in software developments. Through modern technology and our customer centered development establishes sustainable and maintainable code for future enhancements. We create software to bring you and your customer forward.

QA & compliance

The quality of our work is our greatest value and an integral part of our delivery lifecycle. Certified expertise, QA and testing, CI, and metrics collection help realize the value of your product or solution’s quality at every stage of software development, validation and maintenance.

Match your business needs with solutions

MedSynApps Technology Consulting

MedSynApps consulting services help business to advance in the modern digital transformation environment. Evaluate your opportunities and apply the right technology with outcomes in mind. We can shape your company into a strategy-powered business delivering innovation and digital excellence.

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MedSynApps technology consultants are here to solve your technology challenges. We can help you evaluate opportunities and implement your strategic business plans.

  • Connect ideas, technology, processes and people through technology consulting with MedSynApps.
  • Solve your challenges with agility, design thinking, continuous improvement, innovations and practical IT solutions delivery.
  • Reveal the full potential of your business and power up your digital excellence.
  • Reenergize your business with a holistic approach; see the big picture without missing the smallest details.
  • MedSynApps navigates you through your digital transformation journey from idea generation to solution delivery.
  • Apply the right technology into your specific business environment.
  • Harness value from your data and analytics.
  • Explore and validate your enterprise’s readiness for AI.
  • Optimize your cloud strategy and execution.
  • Make the most out of technology platforms and integrations.

Customer experience

An excellent customer experience creates an emotional bond between you and your customer. Our tailored, user-centered experiences lead to satisfied and loyal customers and is measurable in higher sales and conversion rates. Our expertise combines business and customer experience strategy. We tell your product’s story.

Product strategy & vision

A well thought out product strategy increases your opportunities for successful products. We dive deep into your business vision and focus on user needs, as well as technical possibilities, to align your product strategy to long-term outcomes. Researching, testing and validating helps us to minimize risks.

Requirements engineering

In order to develop solutions for complex challenges, it is important to create a common understanding of the requirements. We get to the bottom of how your users think and interact with your product.

Information architecture

We love to deep dive into complex structures and simplify those by making them easily accessible and intuitive to use. Our consistent concepts are created through organized, prioritized and sorted information. Users behavior and expectations, as well as business goals are important factors to consider.

UX / UI design

We design products for people. Meaningful experiences are shaped through usability, functionality, design and branding. The initial point and attention is on the user. We keep interfaces and our design clear, simple and legible, so your customer can find their way around quickly.

Managed services

We create and run software. Our experienced infrastructure and operations experts ensure that your software is up and running, always. We offer a variety of services from on-premise hosting in our data centers to globally scaled, cloud-based turn-key solutions. That includes all the hands and minds needed to keep your software applications secured, up-to-date and flexible.

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Dedicated hosting

We offer individual operating concepts, 24/7 availability and personal support by our experts for high performance, stability and security of operating environments.

Cloud hosting

We help clients unlock the potential of the Cloud in order to fuel business growth, gain new insights, open new opportunities, and streamline new models for creating richer customer experiences.


We don’t simply deliver a new solution, we actually make sure your system works flawlessly after it’s delivered. Our skilled specialists monitor your infrastructure 24/7, investigate concerns and maintain real-time technical support and adjustments to the new business models and environment changes for your specific’s software requirements.

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Applying Technology to Business With a Customer Focus

We understand your requirements and those of your customers. In this way, we develop tailor-made and industry-specific solutions that enable your company to benefit from the latest technology.