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Business-Focused Web Development

From building a robust website to designing an appealing UX to creating efficient marketing strategies — we have you covered.

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Our key web application development services :

Website development

We engineer websites that easily process data, target clients, and add to your bottom line.

Web design

We furnish web apps with a flawless user journey, rich effects, and swift page speed.

Digital marketing

Whatever your niche, we tailor unique business, SEO, and marketing strategies while optimizing conversion.

Web development services

Сustom web development

  • Landing page development
  • Ecommerce app / online store development
  • Web extension & app development
  • DevOps

Custom ERP systems development

  • Sales & HR management support
  • FinTech features implementation
  • CRM & project management modules
  • Supply chain management capabilities
MedSynApps IO Web design services

Website audit

  • Business case analysis
  • Manual & automation testing
  • Reporting & issue fixing
  • Website accessibility certification

Page speed optimization

  • Cross-browser & cross-device testing
  • Google web vitals enhancement
  • Leveraging browser caching via htaccess or plugins
  • Page & server response time improvement

Integration with third-party services

  • CRM & SaaS systems
  • Maps & web navigation services
  • Payment processing services
  • Social networks & cloud systems

Web design services

Website design

  • Brand identity creation, content optimization
  • Adaptable & mobile-oriented front-ends
  • Clickable mock-ups & prototypes
  • B2B and B2C focus

Client-centric design research & audit

  • User targeting research, navigation & controls testing
  • Content assets relevance checking
  • Cross-device performance & responsiveness testing
  • Audit reporting, improvement mapping


  • Clean & brand-book compliant UIs
  • Intuitive navigation & controls
  • Uncompromised UX across the app
  • Next-gen visuals & animations

Ecommerce / online store design

  • Adaptive web platforms for OSs & screens
  • Feature prototyping at scale
  • Offline mode support
  • Customized content & user journey

Accessibility audit & design

  • End-to-end website accessibility testing
  • Adapting for visual, hearing, motor & cognitive impairments

Digital marketing

Ecommerce marketing automation

  • Conversion rate & lead recovery
  • Ad campaigns in major social media
  • Google PPC shopping & search ads
  • Customer service improvement, chatbot implementation


  • SEO-enabled traffic, lead & sales generation
  • Local SEO / Google maps implementation
  • Off-page optimization
  • Comprehensive SEO audit

Conversion optimization

  • A/B & multivariate testing
  • AARRR methodology implementation
  • Email marketing strategies customization
  • User-targeted experience enablement

Digital marketing strategies

  • Google Maps, Search & Mobile services support
  • YouTube video blogging, guest blogging
  • Keyword research for social media, ads, promotions
  • Affiliate programs & online courses creation
MedSynApps IO Digital marketing

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