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About MedSynApps

We always live up to our values.

We are a team of experts.

Our objective is to establish today the major technical references of tomorrow.
Each of us is here to help practices and physicians succeed.

Our Expertise

Precisely matching technology to the needs of your business is our core expertise. Our entire focus is delivering fast, impactful results to your digital initiatives.

For Healthcare, we respect that our work sits at the center of the physician-patient relationship. We embraces the challenge of setting a higher standard for health technology.

Synergy of Expertise

MedSynApps is a new breed of technology partner company providing end-to-end digital transformation services across tech enablement, integration and development together with strategy and consulting.


What we deliver

MedSynApps IO Integrations Cloud 2
MedSynApps IO Integrations Cloud 1

Data science services

Our experts in data science services identify the data to be assessed and analyze it precisely. This clear analysis helps you to optimize your services and products.

DevOps services

Based on our own knowledge and experience, we offer DevOps services that implement continuous integration and delivery into your development process. This drives faster release cycles while also optimizing for quality.

Mobile app development

We are a team of product strategists, designers and engineers who not only develop mobile applications, but support the growth of the companies we work with.

IoT applications

We design, develop, and implement IoT applications that focus on customer needs and expectations. Also, we’re combining different technology in consistent cross-platform frontends for all devices.

CMS software

Driving your content marketing and customer experience, we provide you with the CMS software that fits you best. This includes utilizing cloud services and headless CMS solutions to gain independence from infrastructural needs.

Enterprise application development

From mobile app to digital platform, our experts in enterprise application development help transform your business.

Intranet solutions

Our stable and secure intranet solutions let colleagues share knowledge and experience, and collaborate across different locations. This brings your company together and eases the introduction of new members, driving participation and growth.

Custom CRM software development

We deliver scalable CRM software solutions for our clients to realize their strategic business goals with functional customer insights and analytics, as well as streamline organizations’ productivity and overall efficiency processes.


We develop solutions that are fully integrated into your existing infrastructure. We rely on well proven software and services.
MedSynApps IO Integrations scaled


We plan and work technologically agnostic. For each project we choose a proven as well as suitable, tech stack. This is how we achieve fast results in implementation processes.
MedSynApps IO Technology

The founders of MedSynApps

The founders of MedSynApps are Dr. Olivier CRETON who brings his knowledge, his needs, his medical vision, and Yves-François L’HARIDON, his technical expertise in the development of medical software tools. This close collaboration creates simple and intuitive applications, corresponding exactly to the needs of doctors and surgeons.

MedSynApps Group

MedSynApps is an enterprise group.
With the company VascInnove whose objective is to develop digital solutions for vascular problems. All our MedSynApps subsidiaries share the same values of excellence.

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We are committed to transforming digital tools and languages to help our customers achieve their expectations in a more collaborative and sustainable world.

We do not forget the doctors and their needs with always a response with the highest technical level.